postheadericon Doing Business in Maldives

Doing business in Maldives is fun and exciting. It is a great place to look for business opportunities. Doing business in Maldives can be the most rewarding investment you could make, especially tourism related business.

There are a number of sectors and business opportunities are many. The country has a Business in Maldivesliberal policy on trade and the same applies to foreign investors as well. There is a dynamic private sector and a structure that protects the interests of investors. This provides a clear and conductive pathway for doing business in Maldives.

Male’ In Maldives there is no income tax regime for individual citizens doing business, companies or other businesses and no property taxes;

If you are doing business in tourism or fisheries industry or investing in any other business that is directly related to development of the country, all materials imported can be waived from import duties, subject to national policies.

You also have the right to 100% foreign ownership, in which case you have to be registered as a foreign investment company and is liable for an annual royalty. However for local investments there are neither royalties nor any other form of taxes. Land can be leased for long term. There are no foreign currency controls.

If you are an interested investor seeking an opportunity for doing business in Maldives, you will realize that there are vast untapped opportunities in Maldives for doing business in tourism, fisheries, transport, consultancy, and much more.

You therefore have the option to do business in Maldives either as a joint venture with a Maldivian partner, or as a wholly owned foreign investment.

There are a number of foreigners doing business in Maldives. Many people do business as a joint venture with a Maldivian partner without registering as a foreign investment company in order to avoid the royalty. Many tourist yachts and safari boats in the Maldives are actually owned by foreign investors.

Tourist resort development is, in many occations being financed by foreign tour operators. One thing that attracts foreign business to the Maldives is the exciting environment in which you work and the huge profit potential in these businesses. One can only appreciate the beauty and imminent profits of any of these businesses in the Maldives only when you spend a couple days in one of these islands.